How to Supercharge Your Business Exhibiting Results

Preparing for a trade show can be a challenging experience. From the financial to the logistical, trade shows offer a massive range of benefits for your business but often demand an equally great amount of focus, work and commitment. Tip 1. Prepare a detailed, itemised and flexible budget in advance Budgeting for a trade show […]

Be an agenda-setter

We often hear the phrase bandied about to ‘set the agenda’ for certain issues. These are usually issues that you what you want to be debated, a debate which, as an authority figure, you can lead! If you can be seen as an authority figure on certain issues, then the ability to set an agenda […]

The art of retrieving lost customers

You can easily get used to regular, repeat business from a client. Then …no order, no explanation, nothing. It’s a horrid feeling. But think positive. You can win the business back. First, let’s look at some of the reasons for losing the business: One much-quoted survey suggests customers stop doing business because: 1% die; 3% […]