The importance of good PR for small businesses

Why is PR is so important to small business success? Because contrary to most areas where small businesses compete with their larger cousins, this is one that small businesses should find easy and win every time. The rather formal description of PR (as issued by the Institute of Public Relations) is about “influencing behaviour to […]

How to win the PR battle using military precision…

To give you an idea of what a business strategy looks like, we’ll explore ways in which you can achieve success with military precision. First, we take the idea of ‘strategic directions’. Every strategy (which we will construct over the following chapters of this book) will have a general direction that it will go in. […]

‘Outsourcing’ innovation

At the most basic level, the choice of structure – how to organise yourself and your people – for innovation is a choice between internal and external options. Options for internal structures for innovation include funding traditional R&D departments, setting up centres of excellence, creating separate business units for innovation, and using incubators. External structures […]

Make better branding your next priority

Economic slowdown, recession, depression, call it what you will. A bad economy affects everyone. When times are tight, the bottom line is dictated by the sense of value consumers place in your brand, or more precisely, how much they are willing to pay for that value. Both the value perceived by consumers and actual value […]

Increasing the profile of your business

When you undertake your PR campaign, it is essential that you know how your customers and stakeholders perceive your company. In the case of the media, it is difficult as news pours out through newspapers, trade press, newsletters, broadcasting companies, and the Web. It is often difficult to turn this wealth of disparate information into […]