Effective health & safety training can combat costs

Workplace injuries are indicative of breakdowns in basic processes and procedures that threaten the efficiency and financial health of an organisation. That’s the view of Cognitia Safety & Compliance, who said that effective health and safety training was the only way to combat the costs associated with bad practice. Workplace accidents and injuries significantly damage […]

Business Plan is vital to success

The best business idea will, without a solid business plan that helps to secure finance, remain just that – an idea. So, if you want to get that idea off the ground and start a new business or to grow your existing business further, what do you need to consider? The first step is to […]

‘Outsourcing’ innovation

At the most basic level, the choice of structure – how to organise yourself and your people – for innovation is a choice between internal and external options. Options for internal structures for innovation include funding traditional R&D departments, setting up centres of excellence, creating separate business units for innovation, and using incubators. External structures […]