Is your dream coming fourth or fifth ?


As we come closer to the end of a year, it’s often a time to reflect on what has been and to look forward to what is yet to come. In Britain, 2012 may well be remembered as the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with Team GB athletes achieving huge success in many events.

While there were many medal winners, there were many more who didn’t win medals and many who suffered huge disappointment. So often the winning margin came down to seconds and even as little as a hundredth of a second.

Athletes dedicate their time and effort in the pursuit of their goal of winning a medal. The cost of losing out on a medal for some can be a huge emotional disappointment. It can also be very costly financially. Typically medallists are the ones who have the opportunity to command lucrative endorsement deals. Finishing off of the podium may be a huge achievement but the fame and fortune rarely matches the fame and fortune shown to medallists.

Business owners, just like Olympians, dedicate a great deal of time and resources to their success. And just like many athletes, they want, at minimum, a podium finish. They don’t want to finish fourth or lower, overlooked as people search out the winners to do business with.

The question is what gives a business owner or a business the winning edge?

So often business owners mistakenly believe that to finish on top requires some super human feat.

The fact is that the difference between business success and failure is so often a thin line, just like a hundredth of a second for an athlete.

So often it is small details that we often don’t see that drain our resources and make a big difference to our results. That’s why, just like athletes, most successful people in business use coaches. It’s the coach who can often quickly and correctly identify the small finer details that can make the difference between winning and losing. Without a coach, you are often just too close to it – or too attached to it—or too comfortable with what you are doing to see it.

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